Savory Saturdays: Grandma’s Potato Salad

Food for my family is more than just a means of sustenance, it's a time to be together. Every major holiday, celebration and even disappointment or death is spent around tables over-flowing with dishes to share. Because of this, I associate certain foods with different members of my family. When The Tortoise was born, the … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Grandma’s Potato Salad

O Holy Night

From first grade through fourth grade I went to a little private Catholic school, although my parents are not Catholic. For most of my life I was raised in the Episcopal church - baptized Episcopalian, confirmed Episcopalian - whatever all that really means. In college I started going to Baptist churches because that was what … Continue reading O Holy Night

(Savory Saturdays) A Vegan Friendly Thanksgiving Part 1: Irish Oatmeal

This was our ninth Thanksgiving in Michigan. It took a few years before we really settled in to our own family tradition. There were a couple of Thanksgiving dinners shared with friends, some with DW's parents and even one at a restaurant, I think. But at least the last five years or more have been spent hosted in … Continue reading (Savory Saturdays) A Vegan Friendly Thanksgiving Part 1: Irish Oatmeal

Pink Bunny Costumes

It was in the upper 40's and clear last night. A beautiful night for trick-or-treating. DW took The Hare out with a group of neighborhood friends while The Tortoise got to walk without an adult this year, three pre-teen girls giggling and gallivanting around among ghosts and goblins. Our neighborhood celebrates big and this year was no exception. … Continue reading Pink Bunny Costumes