Summer is approaching, and I’m freaking out

Monday night I pulled out a chart at a booster club meeting, to mark people's responses for our end of the year banquet. It wasn't very elaborate. There were columns for those that had confirmed "yes", "maybe", and "No reply". As parents gave me checks and confirmations, I marked and initialed their name. The checks … Continue reading Summer is approaching, and I’m freaking out

It’s rare, but sometimes I’m right

"I don't know what's worse, " I whined, a half-drunk glass in my hand, "letting my child fail in order to learn a lesson or making her mad at me for making the right decision on her behalf  to give her a better chance at success." It's a fine line between reality discipline and coddling … Continue reading It’s rare, but sometimes I’m right

But she seems so normal.

Home schooling just seemed weird. Not normal. I pictured families with 20 kids, living on farms, who argue via Bible verses, sew their own clothes and participate in food co-ops. Home schooled children must have awkward social skills, skewed ideas of gender roles in society and a limited ability to work well with others. They … Continue reading But she seems so normal.