I used to like summer, but then I had school aged kids

Summer in Texas was about soaking in the rays, hanging out with friends at water parks, driving with the top down with the music blaring and eating late night dinners under the stars. Even in college and just past, that didn't change much for me, even with an infant or toddler. There were lots of … Continue reading I used to like summer, but then I had school aged kids

You shouldn’t use words you don’t know

It's hard to believe it was just over two years ago that The Tortoise was learning about the reproductive system. Now she is learning how to drive. Of course, that was seventh grade and not the first time she had been told about babies and puberty. It was, however, the first time The Hare heard … Continue reading You shouldn’t use words you don’t know

I measure my success in smiles

I'll be honest. I wasn't completely sure what home school would do to this household. Often what I think things will look like, and how they actually emerge, don't fit exactly right. Many times I find myself chiseling away at the rough edges until things fall into place more easily. But I knew we needed … Continue reading I measure my success in smiles

Five Minute Friday: Brave

My idea of brave has not only changed over the years, but has morphed into something different even today. It's become more of an understanding, than a definition. Maybe even an epiphany. Brave is not the same for everyone. I picture it being a lot like thresholds of pain tolerance, actually. A place in our … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Brave

Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

I hate when she cries. Actually, I hate when either of my kids cry, but somehow it effects me more greatly when my almost 15-year-old daughter is the one in tears. It brings back a flood of memories. Sometimes it even feels like I am looking into some sort of magical mirror reflecting my childhood. … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Ordinary