Just when you didn’t think things could get worse…

I hung up the phone in disbelief. My childhood friend and her two kids had just spent a week visiting me in Michigan. We went to the zoo, ate picnic lunches, stayed up late watching movies and reminisced about our high school antics. Life was not perfect, but it was good. At least that week … Continue reading Just when you didn’t think things could get worse…

Differences of Opinion are Well Received

One of the things I love best about blogging is engaging with a community. Opinions evolve. Perspectives change. Sometimes I see how inaccurately I projected my thoughts or even how off the mark I was by the responses in the comment section. I welcome your feedback and would like to take a moment to respond … Continue reading Differences of Opinion are Well Received

First Dates

This week's memoir writing prompt by The Red Dress Club, asked us to fill in the blanks: The first time I ______________-ed after ____________________-ing. The word limit was 300. Man, he's cute and looking at me. Did I shave? My pits, definitely, but I don't think I shaved past my knees. At least I don't … Continue reading First Dates

When the Truth Didn’t Hurt

This post comes from a weekly memoir writing prompt provided by The Red Dress Club. This week's RemembeRED prompt was to write about a time something seemingly terrible happened,but looking back, it brought something wonderful. “Come over,” she said in response to my sobbing. Sniffle, snort, snort. “Really, you think I’m going to make a … Continue reading When the Truth Didn’t Hurt

Pottery and Leather

Apparently the traditional gift for someone's 9th wedding anniversary is pottery, while the more modern gift is leather. Pottery and leather? Really? Knowing that more than 40-60% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce and that the median length for a marriage is only 11 years, you would think that either pre-paid … Continue reading Pottery and Leather