Life is a Rhetorical Question

Running, for me, is one of those things that takes a real effort to get motivated. People talk about a "runner's high" and how they love to commune with nature on a solo trek. Not me. I can't say I've ever hit an endorphin high other than the relief of seeing a finish line and … Continue reading Life is a Rhetorical Question

My Daughter the Vegetarian

"I'm going to be a vegetarian, " stated The Tortoise a few weeks before school ended, "But not until summer starts." I stopped what I was doing and smiled. When I was about her age, I remember wanting to be a vegetarian too. By high school I had slowly cut-out red meats and by college … Continue reading My Daughter the Vegetarian

Friday Flip Offs 2/18 : Housekeeping and Kinky Blogs

The problem with last week's flips, is that I was a little bit more creative than usual. Maybe even a tad funny, if I do say so myself. So now, I'm kind of screwed. You're probably expecting something equally entertaining, but it just isn't going to happen. It was an incredibly quiet week. Which was kind … Continue reading Friday Flip Offs 2/18 : Housekeeping and Kinky Blogs

The Naked Truth

I am 37 almost 38. This body has birthed two beautiful girls and kept up with a wonderful man for almost ten years of marriage. I've never been an athlete, but I've always tried to be mildly active. I am strong, beautiful and healthy. I know all this, so why then when my sweet husband decides to … Continue reading The Naked Truth

Friday Flip Offs 9/24

It's Friday and I should be jumping for joy that the weekend is finally here, right? WRONG! The weekend brings laundry, more housecleaning, an unbelievable amount of sports games to attend and grocery shopping. When did TGIF turn into OCIF (Oh Crap It's Friday)? This Friday was supposed to be Fun Friday - a "play" date with … Continue reading Friday Flip Offs 9/24