Five Minute Friday: Broken

My 40th birthday is next Tuesday. I have planned nothing. Usually birthdays are an excuse to make big purchases, go on fun trips with my girlfriends or make a big fuss with family and friends over drinks. But not this year. This year I feel detached and ambivalent. This time last year I was in … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Broken

Taking it to the mat

The last couple of years I printed my holiday letter on my card, but this year I was reluctant to write a Christmas letter. There was plenty to be thankful for, yet I still felt empty and anxious. The beginning of 2012 started with ambitiousness and promise but came to a screeching halt in September … Continue reading Taking it to the mat

Somedays it’s harder to feel like enough

Today, I feel like the meanest mom a half-ass housekeeper a recreational writer a novice runner an ungrateful stay-at-home mom a mediocre cook a negligent friend and an unattractive woman. The last fourteen days have been an absolute blur, days and nights intermingling, blending seamlessly. I've chaperoned a four-day excursion to Cheboygen with six fourteen … Continue reading Somedays it’s harder to feel like enough

The Sisters We Aren’t Born With

This memoir post was inspired by a writing prompt given last Tuesday by Write On Edge. I wrapped my arms around her, burying my face in her neck, trying hard not to cry. She smelled of Chinese Food and suntan lotion. “I love you,” she said, “and I’ll see you soon.” “I love you too,” … Continue reading The Sisters We Aren’t Born With

How do you plan to face 2012?

I feel a little bit like Lucy Pevensie when she walked through the wardrobe for the first time. Narnia felt exciting and mysterious. And while Lucy spent hours in this mystical land, when she returns to the Professor's country house, time seems to have stood still. Two worlds existing at the same time but never … Continue reading How do you plan to face 2012?