Sundays Just Got Holier

Me: "Does that look like a water spot above the kitchen table?" DW: "Yeah, but I'm sure it was from when the kids overflowed the toilet." Me: "So you don't think it's a leak?" DW: "Nope." A month later. Me: "I think that spot is getting bigger. Maybe there really is a leak." DW: "You're … Continue reading Sundays Just Got Holier

The Naked Truth

I am 37 almost 38. This body has birthed two beautiful girls and kept up with a wonderful man for almost ten years of marriage. I've never been an athlete, but I've always tried to be mildly active. I am strong, beautiful and healthy. I know all this, so why then when my sweet husband decides to … Continue reading The Naked Truth

The Language of Dog

Dark, beautiful, yet vacant eyes, shift focus from the tree behind me to the children playing on the playground to the left of me. She is as small in stature as she is in presence, and yet I am magnetically drawn. But like opposing magnets our bodies reject each other. The closer I try to … Continue reading The Language of Dog

Possible Blogging Blunder

When I started this blog, I assumed my mom would read my posts. And my best friend. But beyond that, I wasn't totally sure. I'm not going to lie, either, the thought of some of my other family members reading my blog was scary - the kind of sick to your stomach kind of scary … Continue reading Possible Blogging Blunder