Think Happy Thoughts

January is typically celebrated as a fresh start. But while many moms are busy making New Year’s resolutions and breathing a sigh of relief from the busy holidays, I struggle with a sort of post-holiday grief. It seems like I spent from October to January treading water through class parties, baking, shopping and decorating only … Continue reading Think Happy Thoughts

O Holy Night

From first grade through fourth grade I went to a little private Catholic school, although my parents are not Catholic. For most of my life I was raised in the Episcopal church - baptized Episcopalian, confirmed Episcopalian - whatever all that really means. In college I started going to Baptist churches because that was what … Continue reading O Holy Night

How do you define the word “friend”?

For the last 8 years I have sent out photo cards and a Christmas letter to about 100 people. It makes my husband's head spin every time I throw out that number. Believe it or not, our first year of marriage there were even more. The list predominately came from our wedding invitation list, which … Continue reading How do you define the word “friend”?

Losing Weight – Getting Rid of Unhealthy Holiday Expectations

My husband's comment about my speaking opportunity was meant to be a joke, although there was some truth behind it. I couldn't help but laugh, a little. Afterall, don't we all struggle with control issues? My speaking engagement went well, I think, and I thoroughly enjoyed being around so many moms. It also made me … Continue reading Losing Weight – Getting Rid of Unhealthy Holiday Expectations

Am I the Only One?

Maybe it's seeing Thanksgiving decorations at Halloween and Christmas decorations at Thanksgiving that sucks the joy out of the holidays. I know that as a mom, I'm supposed to be super excited about this time of year. Don't get me wrong - I decorate the house, top to bottom. The tables are topped with fall … Continue reading Am I the Only One?