Seasonal Love

Although I didn't get this done in time to post on Friday, the Red Writing Hood assignment this week,  from Write on Edge , was in honor of Labor Day and the end of summer rapidly approaching. The prompt asked us to write about a season of change for a fictional character or for ourselves. … Continue reading Seasonal Love

I Got a Little Change in My Pocket Going Jingle Lingle Ling

The Tortoise slept in her car seat, waiting for me to get out the door.  Days dragged, hot and muggy. The cicada sang, reminding me my garden efforts were futile. Musty carpets, cracked tile and a hint of urine lingering beneath the wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom crowded my thoughts. At least the kitchen looked … Continue reading I Got a Little Change in My Pocket Going Jingle Lingle Ling

Guest Post: Melissa Gay

Blogging has filled some vacancies in my life that I never thought possible, especially in regards to friendships. Although I have never met this next guest blogger in person, I feel like I know her, heart and soul. She is honest, witty, charming and full of life even on her worst days. Melissa also has … Continue reading Guest Post: Melissa Gay


I have a small confession to make. Last week I was not where you think I was. I was on vacation. Announcing to the blogoshere that my house was going to be vacant for a week didn't seem responsible. So - have computer, will travel. We enjoyed a week at Virginia Beach visiting my parents. … Continue reading Homecoming