Pour Your Heart Out: The gift I almost didn’t give

Cancer. It is scary and sad. I've witnessed people in my life be victors and victims to this undiscriminating predator. But when it strikes people you know intimately, it feels closer somehow, a little more personal. My heart stopped recently when a friend told me she was diagnosed with cancer. This friend was part of … Continue reading Pour Your Heart Out: The gift I almost didn’t give

Life Goes On

It is one week today that we said goodbye to our 13 1/2 year- old Golden Retriever, Chelsea. For the first few days without her, I made it a point to leave the house when the kids left for school, and not return until they got home. I just couldn't bare to be in the … Continue reading Life Goes On

Goodnight Sweet Chelsea Girl

I'd like to do Saturday over. I'd like to not fret about a $40 remnant rug ruined by a frantic dog. I'd like to quit bitching for the two hours it took me to mop dried dog poop off the hard-wood floors. Instead, I'd like to sit with her a little longer, kiss her face … Continue reading Goodnight Sweet Chelsea Girl

No Complaints Today

I've been playing catch-up this week from Spring Break. Yesterday was sheets, towels and bathrooms. I cleaned, but not "company" cleaned, only "good-enough for us" kind of cleaned. Most of the time DW measures the cleanliness of our house by how it smells anyway. Today will be floors and dusting. I spent a good chunk … Continue reading No Complaints Today