Same damn dance

I have enjoyed playing with the Ypsilanti Symphony Orchestra immensely over the last two years. At times, I have spread myself pretty thin trying to best utilize my craft. Being a musician is taxing. You are constantly looking for a position  somewhere, having to prove yourself with each job. Most musicians play for several different … Continue reading Same damn dance

Mommy the Cookie Monster

No cupcakes. Apparently it isn't cool to bring cupcakes to school for your birthday when you are in 6th grade. The Tortoise requested big bakery cookies from our mom and pop place down the street. There was a little concern about how many to bring at lunch. She and her friends sit split between two … Continue reading Mommy the Cookie Monster

It Was Just Another Manic Monday….Whoa oh oh

TGIF my butt. When you are married with children (even worse if you are a single mom) Fridays do not symbolize the beginning of a couple of days of R & R. They are merely the start of the two most busy days of a mother's life. Seriously. Even though I can get a lot … Continue reading It Was Just Another Manic Monday….Whoa oh oh

Bullies, Boundaries, and Forgiveness

I've spent a lot of time over the years trying to teach my girls the importance of setting clear boundaries. Whenever there are issues at school between The Tortoise and her friends I often ask one simple question: "Who gives them the power?" She reluctantly responds, "I do mom". We role play, journal, participate in … Continue reading Bullies, Boundaries, and Forgiveness