Profiting from someone else’s productivity

I am notorious for pretending organizing is the same thing as cleaning. It really isn't. Spending hours sifting through stacks of papers, out of date magazines, rearranging closets of clothes or creating binders for the home is not equivalent to a sparkling, lemon-scented toilet or a crumb-free counter top. If anyone were to really look … Continue reading Profiting from someone else’s productivity

Differences of Opinion are Well Received

One of the things I love best about blogging is engaging with a community. Opinions evolve. Perspectives change. Sometimes I see how inaccurately I projected my thoughts or even how off the mark I was by the responses in the comment section. I welcome your feedback and would like to take a moment to respond … Continue reading Differences of Opinion are Well Received

Blogging For Ourselves

There's a small, quick breath of uncertainty that comes just before hitting PUBLISH on a post, especially when I write from the more private and unfamiliar depths of my heart. These stories and emotions that only a select few have heard, or perhaps witnessed, suddenly become exposed to a larger audience. My anxiety becomes less … Continue reading Blogging For Ourselves

You Can’t Take This Too Personally

Recently a fellow Twitterer (is that a word?) asked me this question: As a blog is personal, do you ever have those weeks where life just doesn't seem worth writing down? My response was an emphatic YES. There are weeks that life just doesn't seem worth getting out of bed, let alone write a blog … Continue reading You Can’t Take This Too Personally