When I Said Blizzard, I Meant Dairy Queen

There is something kind of surreal about driving into a snow storm. It's beautiful and engaging. The speedometer says you are moving but it feels like the car is standing still, like you're sitting in an IMAX movie theater watching 3-D  wind and huge flakes of snow pelting your windshield. You can't see past the faint illumination … Continue reading When I Said Blizzard, I Meant Dairy Queen

Not Waiting For Spring

We knew before dinner that school was going to be closed today. The girls did a happy dance around the house, skipping and hopping in delight. "MOVIE NIGHT!" they both shrieked at the top of their lungs. My head started to pound as I poured another glass of wine. Pork chops were sizzling in a … Continue reading Not Waiting For Spring