Easter Baby

I thought for sure it was just the abundance of BBQ ribs and an ungodly amount of creamed corn from the night before that was causing all of the "gas pains". After all, my due date wasn't for another 9 1/2 weeks. I had been up all night with fleeting stomach tightness and unexplained anxiety … Continue reading Easter Baby

The Tortoise, DW and Blended Families

This past Saturday, at 8:04am, The Tortoise turned 12 years old. It was really the first birthday that pained me for some reason. When I hugged her that morning my heart ached, tears welled in my eyes, and I felt like I was never going to let go. Maybe it's because I still remember what … Continue reading The Tortoise, DW and Blended Families

Mommy the Cookie Monster

No cupcakes. Apparently it isn't cool to bring cupcakes to school for your birthday when you are in 6th grade. The Tortoise requested big bakery cookies from our mom and pop place down the street. There was a little concern about how many to bring at lunch. She and her friends sit split between two … Continue reading Mommy the Cookie Monster