Vacation Without Leaving Home, Priceless

I hate traveling. The sorting, organizing, planning, packing and cleaning required to even walk out the door makes me insanely anxious. And how in the hell am I supposed to get the entire contents of my bathroom to fit in one clear, quart-sized,  zip-lock bag? I loath unloading everything in my carry-on, stripping off  jewelry … Continue reading Vacation Without Leaving Home, Priceless

Friday Flip Offs 4/1: Birthdays, Ice-Cream, and Lost Dogs

The most obvious Flip Off must go to my lack of time management and forgetfulness. I wrote this yesterday but then never finished posting it! Last Friday was a very special day at our house. The Tortoise celebrated her 13th birthday with 13 other girls. (I'm not sure when I'm going to stop adhering to … Continue reading Friday Flip Offs 4/1: Birthdays, Ice-Cream, and Lost Dogs

Scavenger Hunt Birthday

Growing up we didn't have a lot of birthday parties. Those were saved for the "big ones" like turning 10, 16, or graduation. Instead we had a tradition of inviting one special friend over for a nice dinner out and a sleep over. I've never been a big cake person and usually asked my mom … Continue reading Scavenger Hunt Birthday

Hare Today…

When I was pregnant with The Hare, we received some frustrating news at the beginning of my 30th week. Labor pains I had experienced off and on for a few hours were indeed productive and I had started dilating. It wasn't really a surprise, given my previous pregnancy (Easter Baby), but difficult to hear, just … Continue reading Hare Today…

Coffee with Coltrane

Sometimes life gets in the way of celebrating life. Friday was my 37th birthday. The Tortoise got up earlier than usual on her day off and made me breakfast. It was an incredibly sweet offering for my birthday - waffles and a kitchen mess to clean up. When I came downstairs, the only thing really … Continue reading Coffee with Coltrane