When I Said Blizzard, I Meant Dairy Queen

There is something kind of surreal about driving into a snow storm. It's beautiful and engaging. The speedometer says you are moving but it feels like the car is standing still, like you're sitting in an IMAX movie theater watching 3-D  wind and huge flakes of snow pelting your windshield. You can't see past the faint illumination … Continue reading When I Said Blizzard, I Meant Dairy Queen

Dear Friday, You are FLIPtastic!

Dear Friday, I am really tired of your snarky "thank goodness it's Friday" comments, because quite frankly, I don't think you're all that. In fact, I find you quite the bully, always taunting me with the promise of a full week of productivity. Do you really think four days are enough to prepare for a … Continue reading Dear Friday, You are FLIPtastic!