Guest Post: Kelly K

You are going to fall in love with this last guest post. Kelly is a breath of fresh air. She is straight forward and down-to-earth with a biting sense of humor. And even when things aren't that funny, she makes  life with kids and chaos not just bearable, but enjoyable. I'm not going to lie … Continue reading Guest Post: Kelly K

Puppy Fever and Empty Nests

It has only been a month since Chelsea died. Thankfully the girls have been home, making the house less lonely. But there are times that I still burst into tears at the dumbest things - a peanut butter sandwich crust that I had to throw away because she wasn't there to eat it. I miss … Continue reading Puppy Fever and Empty Nests

Hare Today…

When I was pregnant with The Hare, we received some frustrating news at the beginning of my 30th week. Labor pains I had experienced off and on for a few hours were indeed productive and I had started dilating. It wasn't really a surprise, given my previous pregnancy (Easter Baby), but difficult to hear, just … Continue reading Hare Today…

Easter Baby

I thought for sure it was just the abundance of BBQ ribs and an ungodly amount of creamed corn from the night before that was causing all of the "gas pains". After all, my due date wasn't for another 9 1/2 weeks. I had been up all night with fleeting stomach tightness and unexplained anxiety … Continue reading Easter Baby