You only need four minutes to sweat like a rock star

I remembered to put on the "special" deodorant before I went to bed last night. Then again this morning after my shower. Today was not the day to be the example of faulty antiperspirants in an 80's Sure deodorant commercial. However, I knew it was overly optimistic of me, after all, I am part European. … Continue reading You only need four minutes to sweat like a rock star

Summer is approaching, and I’m freaking out

Monday night I pulled out a chart at a booster club meeting, to mark people's responses for our end of the year banquet. It wasn't very elaborate. There were columns for those that had confirmed "yes", "maybe", and "No reply". As parents gave me checks and confirmations, I marked and initialed their name. The checks … Continue reading Summer is approaching, and I’m freaking out

Things I don’t say out loud

Outside the closed door, voices trickled down the hall. The Hare sat in a chair, feet planted firmly on the edge, legs bent while balancing an electronic game on her knees. I waited patiently on the doctor's table. As I tightened my pony tail, the slickness of my hair reminded me that I hadn't washed … Continue reading Things I don’t say out loud

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm not sure if it is the two cups of coffee I have already gulped or just my nerves, or both. I am a nervous traveler, in general, but I especially dislike flying. The destination is consistently worth the effort - I just hate the journey. (Hmmm, I see a life parallel here.) Preparation started … Continue reading Leaving on a Jet Plane

Coffee with Coltrane

Sometimes life gets in the way of celebrating life. Friday was my 37th birthday. The Tortoise got up earlier than usual on her day off and made me breakfast. It was an incredibly sweet offering for my birthday - waffles and a kitchen mess to clean up. When I came downstairs, the only thing really … Continue reading Coffee with Coltrane