Define your beauty

The Victoria's Secret bag lay unopened on my bed. It was full of bathing suit options for our two upcoming summer trips, both of which involved beaches and water.  I didn't dare try on suits in the store, under the watch of a perky twenty-something-year-old that will lie and say, "Oh, that looks great on … Continue reading Define your beauty

30 Minutes

Sometimes I look at the clock and think, "If only I had more time." There seems to always be a pocket of 30 minutes stuffed between my daily tasks. 30 minutes waiting for kids to wake up 30 minutes waiting for kids to come home 30 minutes waiting for DW to finish work 30 minutes waiting … Continue reading 30 Minutes

Trust Me Men, Foreplay Starts in the Kitchen

It seems like more than half the magazines staring at me in the grocery store check-out line have some article about sex. Topics like strategies for better foreplay or tips on longer orgasms. Everyone wants the secret to having great sex, feeling sexy or how to better please their mate. It's really not that complicated. There's no secret formula or exotic … Continue reading Trust Me Men, Foreplay Starts in the Kitchen

Letters of Recommendation

I've been asked to write a couple of letters of recommendation for college applications. The first one didn't take me very long, but the one I am working on at the moment has been a struggle. A struggle because there are just too many great things to say about this young woman. I'm finding it … Continue reading Letters of Recommendation