Sometimes I purposely make messes to clean up messes

DW walked into our downstairs office a couple of weeks ago and unexpectedly found me rearranging furniture, bookshelves, and supplies. Again. "There is something seriously wrong with you," he said without a smirk, climbing over the piles of debris and around misplaced furniture, "it's like you have an illness or something." I have a plan, … Continue reading Sometimes I purposely make messes to clean up messes

Word for the day: Perseverance

Although the word perseverance generally invokes the idea of steadfastness and steady persistence in spite of opposition, my favorite definition of the word perseverance is "Continuance in a state of grace leading finally to a state of glory". It's that word grace that resonates strongly with me, because for a lot of years I didn't … Continue reading Word for the day: Perseverance

I Really Am Smarter Than I Look

I honestly did graduate from college, not that some piece of paper means anything really. But I've also had some good jobs that required mental acuteness. My strength has always been the ability to think creatively and "outside the box". However, once I had children, I suddenly became stupid. It was sort of a gradual … Continue reading I Really Am Smarter Than I Look