Guest Bloggers

I am eternally grateful for all of my readers and for the friends that I have made on this blogging journey. It is an honor to feature some of them as guest bloggers. I hope you will enjoy them too.

11 Steps to Better Blogging by Emlyn Chand from Emlyn Chand and Novel Publicity
The Early Years by Paula from Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror
Pajamas, A Love Story by Rachel from Diapers, Dogs and Cooking in Heels
My Pajama Day Letter by Christine a Creative Partner with Initials, Inc
A New Season of Pajama Days  by Melissa from live life. addicted
My Worst Pajama Day Ever by Brook from 2bDancing
Togetherness is Not Overrated by Susan from Coming East 
Memories, Woven in Flannel by Shelly from Tuesday 2′s
My Foreign Pajamas by Kelly from Dances with Chaos and Writing with Chaos
You Call That Balance? by Cindy
A Glimpse Into the Future by Jim Chaney from 30 Before 30

If you would like to be considered as a guest blogger, please submit your request to:

2 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers

  1. Message to the “tortoise” –

    I am a tortoise too! I once wrote a poem called turtle on the highway, but let me just say being speedy is way overrated. If I’m not careful I will begin to ramble, so let me get to the point – I do have a “thank you” to pass along:

    Your mom says you like sugar cookies and I was desperately searching the web to try and find a sugar cookie my niece Sally loves. It was the one on the back of the Kroger sugar bag – the one you, your sister and your mom made one Saturday because you were wanting to make cookies – the kind that are hard on the outside and soft on the inside…just like you know what!

    Tomorrow Sally is graduating from Forsyth Central High School in Cumming, Georgia. I am making some cut-outs (diploma,cap,ribbon…Wilton cutters)so the dough is in the refrigerator right now. Now Sally can have her favorite cookie recipe thanks to you and your mom (the recipe I had lost and thought I’d maybe never find).

    I am so proud of Sally – she is getting a full scholarship to college because (for one thing) she is a talented musician like your mom. Sally plays the french horn. But she also won best actress for playing Auntie Mame in her high school play. Right now she wants to be a teacher, but we will see…

    Tell your mom I really like her blog and will probably read more later, but for now, I’ve got to things to do (cookies) and places to go (kitchen). (smile)

    God bless you!

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