A Resolution I Can Keep

A couple of years ago I was really struggling with a mix of changing hormones and over all stinkin' thinking. I allowed turning 40 to be a burden rather than a time to celebrate. Whenever frustration or disappointment crept in my soul, I foolishly gave it a place to hibernate. The heaviness sat there day … Continue reading A Resolution I Can Keep

Life is a Rhetorical Question

Running, for me, is one of those things that takes a real effort to get motivated. People talk about a "runner's high" and how they love to commune with nature on a solo trek. Not me. I can't say I've ever hit an endorphin high other than the relief of seeing a finish line and … Continue reading Life is a Rhetorical Question

Getting my hands and other unspeakable parts dirty

I always thought flowers were best for vases and carefully arranged pots around my deck. The thought of sticking my hands into fresh earth was terrifying. I might get dirt under my nails, or worse, touch a worm. It never bothered me when my kids would play in the mud, just as long as they … Continue reading Getting my hands and other unspeakable parts dirty

Sometimes I purposely make messes to clean up messes

DW walked into our downstairs office a couple of weeks ago and unexpectedly found me rearranging furniture, bookshelves, and supplies. Again. "There is something seriously wrong with you," he said without a smirk, climbing over the piles of debris and around misplaced furniture, "it's like you have an illness or something." I have a plan, … Continue reading Sometimes I purposely make messes to clean up messes

I measure my success in smiles

I'll be honest. I wasn't completely sure what home school would do to this household. Often what I think things will look like, and how they actually emerge, don't fit exactly right. Many times I find myself chiseling away at the rough edges until things fall into place more easily. But I knew we needed … Continue reading I measure my success in smiles