This week's Red Writing Hood writing prompt was to write only a 400 word post using the following picture for inspiration. Usually I focus on non-fiction writing, but this week I thought I would try something different and write  fiction. It took me forever to figure out where I wanted to start, so of course, … Continue reading Undeveloped

Summer Romance

This week's RemembeRed writing prompt was a picture of a burning cigarette in an ashtray. My arm reached across an empty bed, fingertips brushing against a forgotten pack of cigarettes left haphazardly on his pillow. Eyes adjusted to the dim light, searched for movement in the room. A click of a lighter caught my attention. … Continue reading Summer Romance

Summer Slush

Piper pulled another handful of course green grass out of the ground, tossed it aside, looked up at the thick branches of the magnolia tree and sighed, “When is your little friend going to get here anyway?” “Any minute,” I replied, “He only lives down the street.” The late afternoon sun hung low, peeking out … Continue reading Summer Slush