Five Minute Friday: Friend

5-minute-friday-1Sit in silence.

Talk for hours.

You can call me in the middle of the night.

Your children have my number on speed dial.

It’s about presence, not presents.

Presence of mind.

Presence of spirit.

It’s not neat and tidy or sweet. It’s loud and honest. It’s telling each other the truths, even the hard truths, and loving each other because of it.

It’s about sharing the obvious, sharing the secrets, sharing the joys, sharing the fears and sometimes sharing the load.

Sleeping side by side, sometimes in mind. Sometimes in body.

It’s coming together to kick off our shoes and not worry about the holes in our socks or the dishes in the sink. It’s never having to worry about a bad hair day, wearing yesterday’s clothes or the last time you took a shower. It’s about being able to pee with the door open.

It’s the ability to laugh at our flaws, and encourage our strengths.

It’s about unconditional everything.

It’s about being real in all the moments. It’s about serving each other and not wondering when it will be our time to be served.

When friendship and family become seamless and it is just assumed that life will never cease to exist without you.

* Today I’m linking up with Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday. Each week bloggers are asked to write on a topic for five minutes. No planning. No editing. Just five minutes straight from the heart. This week’s topic is “friend.”

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Friend

  1. Unconditional everything. That sure does describe my true friends. And of course, peeing with the door open! Love it. Thanks for stopping by my space today. Have a blessed day!!

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