Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

5-minute-friday-1A strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound.

Life, as a whole, repeats itself. Sometimes the pattern is familiar and strong. Sometimes it is familiar and draining. I have often hidden in the false safety of doing nothing because of the fear of change. Keep everything the same. Do what you know. Do what is comfortable. Even when it is painful, because there is comfort in knowing current disappointment rather than the unknown possibility of more pain and disappointment. Surround myself with relationships that perpetuate the same persistent rhythm. It is familiar.

Until, of course, you are forced to make a change.

Forced to change your course, creating a new rhythm.

A new pattern.

A new perspective about relationships and about myself. Finding a desire to stop wanting to be someone else, and instead just be a better version of myself.

Friendships, good friendships, the ones that draw you out of your shell can do that. The relationships that make you feel important and strong. The relationships that make you want to help others feel important and strong. Those are essential. Conversations unencumbered and genuine. There is no small talk. Everything is raw and emotion filled.

Laughter and tears.




Words flow as easily as breathing. Bonds strengthened by life experiences both shared and created together. Like a good song that sticks in your head, randomly echoing in your ears when you least expect, you can’t get those relationships out of your heart.

You find yourself feeling encouraged even in their absence.


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

  1. I love those times. those moments when communicating is effortless and fulfilling and the one you are talking to/sharing with understands your meaning with minimal explanation. The rhythm of friendship is so vital! Well said!

  2. Love it! Coming here from FMF, and thankful for the reminder, especially as the comfy rhythm of my life is about to change….again, with the new addition to our family. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Emily, our posts today are similarly on the patterns of life. You have made some powerful statements here – the familiar rhythm, though draining, are easier than summoning the courage to face the unknown, and so we stay stuck where we are, in an unhappy place.

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