You only need four minutes to sweat like a rock star

I remembered to put on the “special” deodorant before I went to bed last night.

Then again this morning after my shower.

Today was not the day to be the example of faulty antiperspirants in an 80’s Sure deodorant commercial. However, I knew it was overly optimistic of me, after all, I am part European.

And Peri-menopausal.

I sweat.

The Tortoise and I got up extra early this morning to have plenty of time to shower, get dressed, have a cup of coffee (or two) and drive to the television station. My email instructions were to be there by 7:45 am for an 8:45 am segment.

I got there at 7:15 am.

And that was after driving up and down the street a couple of times because I was worried getting there at 7 am might look too amateur.

Every girl needs some red in their closet!

Of course the gentleman at the guard shack and all of the FOX 2 staff that I met today were extremely accommodating and genuine. Their welcoming personalities helped put my nerves at ease, and once my props were placed on the table, I felt a little more in my element. I was focused and quietly rehearsing what I wanted to say in my mind, careful not to spill coffee on my white shirt. My new red jacket hung on a coat rack, until I was told it was time to “get mic’d”.

Everything was moving along without a hitch, and the more I looked at these beautiful baby products, while going over in my mind the focus of each of the companies, I was just that much more impressed with their quality and overall global vision. I felt confident about my four minutes of fame.

And then I made one last check.

The anxiety had gotten to me and it was showing itself in a big way under both of my armpits. The Tortoise tried to brush it off like no big deal, but I could tell she was mortified too.

“Just don’t raise your arms, Mom” she said casually.

“Obviously!” I chuckled, already gluing my arms to my side, as the beautiful and polished anchor woman Q Jamison came down the hall. She was tall and poised. Her outfit complimented her figure flawlessly. She was charming and funny and all I could think about were my pits.

Perhaps it was my uncomfortable silence, or the way my arms seemed to move like a disjointed marionette that only had control of her elbows, but suddenly Q Jamison broke through the anxiety.

“I feel really tall next to you,” she said.

“Well,” I joked, “if it makes you feel any better, you are really tall next to me!”

The cameraman chuckled at our candid exchange, even suggesting we swap shoes for the segment. Her heels for my low wedges. In the end, she opted to go shoeless, making it feel more like a couple of friends hanging out over coffee. I could breathe again and ended up enjoying all four minutes of this once in a lifetime experience.

And I think the best part, was being able to share it with my oldest daughter.

“Great job, Mom!” she exclaimed, greeting me after the segment, “You couldn’t even notice the sweat marks!”

*You can watch my television debut here: Emily Wilson’s trendy baby decor suggestions.

3 thoughts on “You only need four minutes to sweat like a rock star

  1. *screams* I KNOW HER!!!!!! lol!!! Your so TINY!!!
    You know, I always imagined you with a lower timbre when I read your posts.

    You did a good job. (Y) … I know a celebrity. LOL 🙂

    1. So funny that people are surprised by how short I am – it’s no secret that I am under 5ft tall…but I guess until you see it in “person” it doesn’t really sink in!

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