My dad was almost the last to know

Between 8:45 and 8:55 tomorrow morning (June 17th) I will make my television debut.

You might think I just found out, being that it is nearly 11pm and I am only now blogging about this exciting opportunity.

A little over a week ago I was asked if I would be interested in promoting some baby products on FOX 2 News, Style File. There are four companies being represented tomorrow. I was of course shocked and excited to be considered. Some of my posts with the Detroit News MichMoms sparked interest, leading a PR firm to my personal blog. My understanding is that my parenting candor was relate-able, making me a good candidate to talk about their products even though my “baby” is eleven years old.

I also came to realize that two of the four companies are very much about promoting global compassion and teaching cultural diversity, things that are very important to our family as well. Without much thought, I said yes, and immediately picked up the phone to call the most important person in this situation. My hair dresser.

Not surprising, I’ve also spent the best part of the week obsessing worrying about my wardrobe and make-up. Of course, as products started showing up at my house, I continued to research the companies. I printed a list of main points I wanted to remember. Everything sort of came to a head though this weekend. In the process of picking out an outfit, I had to accept the truth about my weight. Most of last year’s hard work had been thwarted and at least 50% of my closet did not fit. In fact, a lot of it were things I had still been holding on to since before last year’s weight loss and increased running. Four bags for Salvation Army later, and a pity party of chocolate and wine, I ended up relying on my “go-to” store White House Black Market for help. The Tortoise came with me as my fashion consultant, and together we picked out something I feel really represents me right now. The days of suits and dresses are gone. I’ve traded in my heels for comfy shoes. And as most of you know, pajamas are kind of my thing, although not probably recommended attire for a morning news show.

But then tonight my daughter reminded me that I just needed to relax and breathe. The Tortoise reminded me that I needed to get out of my own way and just remind myself why I said yes in the first place. It wasn’t to promote myself. It wasn’t to make money (I’m not getting paid). And it wasn’t because I was looking for advertising for my blog. At the end of the day, it is because I love helping companies that help other women and their families. All four of these companies provide quality products that help moms enjoy motherhood, but two of them also give back to communities by participating in fair trade settings to provide social and economic independence as well as donate money to feed children in Bangladesh. So rather than focus on my hair and clothes, my daughter reminded me to focus on the good that can come of supporting companies that support others.

And that, is always a good thing.

*You can see me tomorrow morning on FOX2 News. The companies I will be promoting are: Pearhead, Lala Lounger, Finn & Emma, Children Inspire Design

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