Alone on Mother’s Day

“What do you want to do for Mother’s Day this year?” diligently asked DW. He knew his time was running out to take the girls shopping.

“I want to drink a bottle of wine, eat chocolate and scrapbook all day,” I said half-joking, “and have someone else clean the bathrooms.”

“What about dinner?” DW asked.

“Take-out,” I replied.

“Done,” he said.

Not one of my better "looks", but certainly one fun event!
Not one of my better “looks”, but certainly one fun event! It was my first Color Run.

On Saturday morning, I ran in a Color Run with two other moms. Their children are a lot younger than mine, preschool aged. Actually, they themselves are much younger than me and DW. So of course, as we ran the 5k, they were somewhat shocked that I didn’t have “big plans” for Mother’s Day. I also have a couple of cousins and friends with brand new babies that posted all of their sweet Mother’s Day pictures on Facebook.

Waking up Sunday morning, I knew the girls were busy making breakfast for me in the kitchen. I could hear the clinking and clanking of dishes and cabinets. Giggles and footsteps greeted me bedside, holding a tray of gluten-free pancakes, a bowl of fresh fruit and steaming mug of coffee. Both girls were beaming with pride at being able to make breakfast without dad’s help. DW had an early morning racquetball game. I ate breakfast in bed, snuggled my kids for a little while and then opened my presents when DW got home. They picked out a soft summer scarf for me, as well as a beautiful Brighton bracelet that had the words “trust yourself” engraved in silver. In addition, there was also a sweetly wrapped box of Godiva chocolates.

“For your wine and scrapbook day!” said The Hare.

For a minute, I started to miss the days of hand-made art projects and Mother’s Day outings. I suddenly pictured two little girls wearing pretty dresses and smiling at the camera. Perhaps I had been too hasty in wanting to spend this day quietly at home.

“What a perfect day,” I said, “perhaps there is something you would all like to do together? Or a restaurant we might try tonight?”

“Oh no!” both the girls croaked, “we are okay with take-out and staying home.”

The Tortoise had put off all weekend a mound of homework and The Hare had built a village of Littlest Pet Shop toys in her room. After breakfast, everyone went their separate ways and I was alone.

One of my scrapbook pages - thank you Studio J and Close to My Heart!
One of 40 completed pages that I created Sunday – thank you Studio J and Close to My Heart!

I had wine and ate my chocolates. I listened to my choice of music all day. I started and finished an entire photo album, 150 of my most favorite pictures from my brother’s wedding. All three of my bathrooms were cleaned, by someone else, and I got to eat my favorite Greek salad and loaded baked potato for dinner without any kids arguing about where to go eat or what to order.

And we were all home together.

It was the most perfect day.


13 thoughts on “Alone on Mother’s Day

  1. It’s interesting that as we (and our children) age, our celebrations morph with us. My daughters have spread Mother’s Day over two weekends because neither of them could make it home on ‘the day’. I love it and I call it the ‘flexible family plan’. Glad you enjoyed your Mother’s Day!

  2. Ooh! That sounds lovely. This year, my birthday fell on Mother’s Day, and I would have LOVED to be able to chill at home, (and get someone else to clean the bathrooms for a change) but mine are still little so we had to do the run-around type activities (3 hours in the car to see family is not really my idea of relaxing). I can’t complain, though, since I didn’t have to cook or change a single diaper!

    1. As crazy as it seems right now in your life, little kids and visiting family, there will come a day that you will miss it when it’s gone. Cherish the moments you have now, so that you can cherish the ones to come too.

  3. Sounds beautiful! Your family are adorable, and I love the way you write about them.

    I saw a lot of Mother’s Day stuff online, though in England we had it back in March, so it seemed a little strange to see everyone celebrating it. Maybe it’s just my family, but I don’t think people over here make such a big deal of it — certainly my siblings and I tend to forget about it, and Mum pretends she doesn’t mind (or perhaps she really doesn’t). But that might not be a widespread thing.

  4. I’m glad your day turned out perfectly, for everyone. That was one mad scrapbooking session–150 photos! Good for you getting back to running.

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