Five Minute Friday: Beloved

5-minute-friday-1The girls slid into the booth on either side of me, their date waited patiently while they got comfortable.

“I’m going to sit on this side,” he said with grin, “so I can see your beautiful faces.”

The girls giggled.

Valentine’s Day couples speckled the dimly lit dining room. Pops of red and pink flowers, clothing and lipstick could be found almost everywhere. Our presence filled the back corner. Probably a good thing too, because there were no quiet conversations. Daddy drew and played games on the stark white butcher paper covered table with his daughters, and asked about their day’s activities. Both girls were deeply engaged in their father, making jokes, dishing out kisses, and soaking in as much attention as possible. Their laughter filled the night. After the bill was paid, DW waited for his girls to leave the table, helped them put on their coats and walked hand in hand to the car. Our next stop, the Maroon 5 concert.

The girls have taught dad the art of “photo bombing”.

Once again, the girls were carefully escorted to their seats, asked if they could see or if they needed anything, then handed blue and pink cotton candy. Daddy stood in line for shirts with his girls, made sure they had something special to take home. Throughout the concert I caught glimpses of DW swaying his head and mouthing words to songs he knew only because his daughters play them over and over throughout the house. I think he spent more time watching his girls dance and sing in their seats than watching the stage. When the lights finally came back on, both girls wrapped their arms around DW. Hugs and kisses mixed in with excited ramblings of the night’s event followed back to the parking lot.

“Dad! Did you see…”

“Dad! Wasn’t it awesome when…”

“Dad! This was the best night ever!”

A girl’s first date is something to be cherished for a life time.

I’m thankful that my daughters know what it feels like to be someone’s beloved.

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