Cafe Confusion

It's impossible not to love such a sweet smile.
It’s impossible not to love such a sweet smile.

My teenage daughter has discovered the sweet bliss of cafe mocha. It’s like hot chocolate on steroids. Although I have avoided letting her start such a decadent and addictive morning ritual, high school has introduced her to a whole new world of temptations.

She likes to bring a hot drink out to the bus stop. First she started with hot chocolate. Then she started making tea: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chocolate Hazelnut. But once she tried her first “adult” drink with her friends, she was hooked. And now it is a frequently denied request.

However, I understand the need for something warm in your hand. I relate to that mind awakening  smell of nutty bittersweet as steam leaves its first kiss on my cheeks. It’s comfort in a cup. So, since she is quickly approaching her fifteenth birthday, I counted my blessings that this is the most “adult” vice she has asked to partake.

“I’m not willing to spend almost $5 a cup of coffee,” I said earlier this week, “but I will buy you some tasty creamers if you want to have a cup of coffee in the morning.”

“Really?” squeaked The Tortoise, flashing a grin.

“Sure,” I replied, “I can just add an extra cup for you when I program the pot at night.”

I brought home a box of York Peppermint Pattie creamers. It wasn’t cafe mocha, but it seemed like a good alternative. The next morning The Tortoise filled her monogrammed insulated cup and happily added the creamery. We each lingered over the heat, breathing in the smell of mint and chocolate.

Her eyes beamed.

She took her first sip.

She set the cup back on the counter.

“What’s wrong?” I asked confused.

“Nothing, I guess,” she replied.

“Doesn’t it taste just like it smells?”

“Yeah, it does, but…”

“But what?” I asked in a huff.

“But it still tastes like coffee,” she grumbled.

7 thoughts on “Cafe Confusion

  1. lol.. in order to drink coffee, I add faaar too much milk and sugar. it’s basically warm, brown-toned sugary-milk syrup. so I don’t drink it unless i’m in dire need of a wake-up. 25 and still going strong about not being a coffee person 😛

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