Five Minute Friday: Cherish

Me and the Tortoise when I was 25 and she was just a baby.
Me and the Tortoise:  I was 25 then.

I don’t know why we hang on to things like hair. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way long hair looks on a lot of people. In fact, I’ve been wearing my hair various lengths of “long” for the last eleven years. But it takes work. It takes a certain level of commitment that I just don’t want to give currently. In fact, I think I felt a little trapped by the notion that only long can be sexy and feminine.

Last week I was forced to take some length off after a Pinterest mishap. It was probably the best thing that could have happened to my self-esteem because it reminded me of what is really important right now. My focus in this season of my life is my family, stepping outside my comfort zone to strengthen my body and finding time to be more creative. When I think about my life, what I am most proud of are not past hairstyles, fashion, or cars I’ve owned. I am proud of my children. I am proud of my relationships and I am proud of my desire to constantly create something new.

This year I want to make a conscious effort to cherish the now and be more present. I want to continue to teach my daughters how to be who they want to be, and not what they think the media or society wants them to be. I want them to feel free to choose their passions.

Me last night
Me last night

Yesterday, I made a more symbolic gesture of how I am feeling in this moment. I got a drastic haircut and went back to my natural hair color. Not only did my head feel lighter, but so did my heart. And the most amazing thing was the flood of beautiful memories from seeing my reflection in the mirror this morning. This woman looking back at me is the same one that graduated from high school, started college, held her child for the very first time and met her adult best friend.

I like this woman.


(This post was inspired by the prompt, cherished.)



14 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Cherish

  1. *high five* I had very long hair and I cut it all to about an inch long in late 2011. Though I’m now growing it back (it’s currently a long-ish bob), it was great to just get out of bed and ruffle it and then done. It’s not as versatile as long hair in many ways, but man it’s easier. Especially when you’re allergic to most shampoo and conditioner like I am.
    Short hair is awesome!

  2. emily i love this! i have been green, purple, blue, pink and lilac in the last 10 months (hair wise) and have loved the adventure, you look gorgeous xxx

  3. I love it. Love the hair. Love the thoughts. Love breaking the barrier that only long hair can be sexy (I agree this is a misconception!) Visitng from FMF- glad I did!

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