Ten years of hair

Mama Kat ButtonYesterday I had the unexpected opportunity to take a long hot shower and go on a dinner date with DW. It felt good to clean up a little and have a reason to put something on other than a pair of sweat pants. I also decided to actually dry and style my hair rather than put it in the usual wet knot on top of my head. But as I stood in front of the mirror, it struck me that I really needed a bang trim.


Thank goodness for Pinterest. Scrolling through many saved tutorials and pictures, I found the most perfect bang trimming explanation. In fact, I decided to cut spectacular thick, fringy bangs that would look breathtakingly sexy. DW would certainly be in awe of my splendor and money-saving decision.

I should never be trusted with a pair of scissors, especially when I am home alone and have unscheduled time on my hands.

And Pinterest is evil.

It was not sexy and ended up costing a lot of money today to have it fixed. And yet, when DW came home, he politely said, “You look great“.

Gawd love him.

My hair and I have always had a love/hate relationship. In fact, there have been so many changes in color and style, that during my brother’s rehearsal dinner slide-show, one of his friends  said,

Those were really great pictures, but I’m surprised your mom would include so many pictures of ex-girlfriends,”

To which my brother responded,

Those weren’t girl friends. Those were all pictures of my sister.”

This is what I looked like when DW met me in 2001, a reddish brown with blond highlights.
This is what I looked like when DW met me in 2001, a reddish-brown with blond highlights.

I was a little curious to see exactly how many changes I have had in just the last 10 years, actually. After finding a mere ELEVEN different haircuts and colors, I decided it was time to put my search to rest. There is undoubtedly an immense number, maybe even enough to put together my own hair design book of ideas. I can’t even imagine if I were to dig all the way back to my high school years. No wonder my brother’s friend was so confused. I think my own family gets confused.

You’ll have to wait a little while for an updated picture of my newest hairstyle. I need to get used to it, and maybe put some makeup on. Good thing my husband didn’t marry me for my hair.

14 thoughts on “Ten years of hair

  1. I am so jealous of your hair! It must grow so quickly for you to have been able to have that many hairdos in that amount of time. Mine stays pretty much the same for years on end b/c it takes so long to grow out I’m usually petrified of trying something new.

  2. Thanks for the giggle Emily 🙂 I have cut my own hair about 5 times, each to beat the whole “we need a hairdresser culture”. Each time I have lost that war. I am at that stage right now in fact and I will take your post as a sign NOT to get antsy and do it myself. Make the appointment is my new mantra.

  3. I think you look great in all those photos. It’s fun to change your hair and play with different styles. It shows you’re not scared of change and have some whimsy. How many people never change their hair and have the same style for over 10 years – Boring!

  4. LOL — I’ve know you through almost all of these hairstyles. You forgot the one of your VERY short dark hair when the Tortoise was a baby!

  5. I know the feeling — after growing my hair for six years, I cut it all off to a bob, then grew it back for three years, only to cut it to literally an inch long, and it’s now at a bob again, though my parting and fringe has changed three times since September! Which means my latest school photo is already out of date hairstyle-wise. When I have long hair, it tends to look pretty much the same for years on end, but when I’m growing it, it goes all over the place and I change appearance from photo to photo 🙂

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