Halloween and The Hare

Mama Kat ButtonHalloween didn’t look very promising this year. A major cold front had emerged the night before, bringing rain, sleet and snow. The winds howled so ferociously that power was knocked out for more than 500 families in the area. We all slept under layers of blankets, hopeful the power would be restored soon. But not only were we still waiting for heat by lunchtime the next day, but it had started raining again. The Hare belly ached about our minor plight and I tried to remind her how unfortunate millions of people are in other parts of the country due to Hurricane Sandy. Their devastation is immense and heart breaking. Us being without power for a day or two is not a crisis, especially when other areas of town had not been effected. We spent most of the day visiting coffee shops with internet to keep school in session. The Hare scowled at my frankness, the idea of not having Halloween this year visibly irritating.

The Hare looks forward to Halloween all year. I usually make a big deal about decorating the house, preparing treats for her classmates, searching pumpkin patches for the perfect Jack-O-Lanterns and indulging in hot, fresh cinnamon donuts from the cider mill. This year I just couldn’t get in to the spirit though. The decorations didn’t surface until just this past weekend, Sunday actually. No pumpkins were carved and since we are homeschooling this year, there were no class treats. I did manage to make her some chocolate chip muffins in my pumpkin muffin pan though, and we spent a lot of time working on her costume.

Suddenly our power came back on around 3pm yesterday and the rain turned into a light mist. The temperature was in the 30’s but bearable. I have to say, it turned out to be one of my favorite Halloweens after all. We packed up our candy and headed down to her best friend’s house. They had a chair waiting for me beside the roaring fire pit at the edge of the driveway, freshly carved pumpkins flanked the darkness while their candles flickered spooky salutations. The ladies huddled by the heat passing out candy to the brave few, while the men took over patrolling the streets with our little ghost and goblins. In fact, The Hare is still there. The girls were so wired and hopped up on sugar that there was no way they were going to get to bed at a decent hour. This will be the first time I’ve let her have a sleep over on a school night, let alone skip school just “because”.

A morning to myself seemed surreal and something I certainly didn’t want to waste. So what did I do? I slept in until 8am, made a pot of coffee and talked to my mom for almost an hour. Then I read some blog posts and came across Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop for this week and spent the next few hours searching for years of Halloween pictures. One of her prompts said, ” 5.) Describe a favorite Halloween costume you once wore.”

I can’t help but laugh at myself. I’ve had hours to myself, and yet I spent them all with The Hare anyway.

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4 thoughts on “Halloween and The Hare

  1. Reading your posts always leaves me with this great feeling. Something akin to me really enjoying having you as a neighbor. Although I’ll pass on the snow and 30 degree temps. You’ll just have to move back to TX.

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