Why I Haven’t Blogged Lately

Luna enjoying a nap in the sun.

It’s been weeks since I have consistently posted. Summer appears to be the demise of my creativity, not because my brain is on vacation, but because our family schedule dramatically changes. Gone are the quiet mornings sipping coffee in my pajamas after everyone leaves for work or school. They are replaced with mad dashes to swim practice, gymnastics, camp, sleep-overs, cross-country driving or the airport.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t exhausting at times.

However, it is the time of year that we create some of the most amazing memories. And although I usually have good intentions by packing my computer, pen and paper, the minutes slip away undocumented. As a writer, that is disappointing. Part of me even feels like a bit of a failure, because surely, a writer should be able to quickly put in to words the amazing adventures they experience, crafting them in a universal and immortal way. I expect myself to find those few moments in the busyness to write and share what’s on my heart. And yet, the more time that passes without a word typed or written, the harder it gets to find my voice.

I get distracted by the sounds of crickets and the magic of lightning bugs. I get lost in the warm glow of solar lights around my deck at dusk while sipping cheap wine with a good friend. I procrastinate a little longer under the sheets in the morning, hiding from the chill of a ceiling fan, waiting with bated breath for the sound of children’s feet hitting the floor. Some mornings I sneak out to the deck with a steaming cup of coffee and a blanket to snuggle with Luna on our small love-seat, spying on the deer and rabbits passing through our yard. I savor the moments in between.

I could blame my lack of blogging on busy schedules, vacations and family or friends visiting, but those would all be excuses, when really, those should all be reasons to be writing. Instead I have to admit that I have not been blogging lately because I have not made it a priority. Like everything else in life, we have choices. I have obviously chosen to read a magazine poolside or stay up all night watching movies in bed rather than focus on my craft.

I guess sometimes our brain does go on vacation.

The trick is to remind it to come back home.

6 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Blogged Lately

  1. From the wilds of inner Sydney in the midst of a cool winter’s day, the thought of you and Luna with the steaming coffee and the deers is just so picturesque. In summer when I sit on our balcony there are no rabbits or deers to spy, but plenty of cockroaches to keep me company! Great post.

  2. Sounds like you are just to busy living life to the fullest to write about it. Not necessarily a bad thing. There is a time and a season for everything under the heavens.

  3. I love reading your blog posts, but everyone’s brains are allowed a little vacation time. Enjoy the time with you children! Maybe take note of things to prompt future blog posts. You’ll have lots to write about when they go back to school! As each summer comes to a close, I find that I’m a little emotional about the 1st day of school. I love the time I have building great memories with my children and don’t like saying hello to the daily grind of homework.

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