I kissed a boy and I liked it

“Mommy kissed Uncle K once, you know,” stated The Hare, right in the middle of opening Christmas presents with my brother-in-law (Uncle K), his kids, my in-laws and Uncle K’s new girlfriend.

The room fell silent for a few minutes and then erupted into laughter. Of course the girlfriend was totally confused, and didn’t find the humor. The Hare was probably only in kindergarten, and forgot to mention that this kiss happened when Uncle K and I were in sixth grade.

Who knew that the first boy I had a crush on, the first boy I ever kissed, would end up being my family. This whole scenario came up again this week. DW was poking fun at me, reminding me that The Tortoise is now older than I was when I had my first kiss. The thought of her starting high school, and dating, has me completely flustered.

I need to remember that I went through it all too, and still managed to survive.

But, it got me thinking about my transition from middle school to high school, the friends I made and the friends I lost. Our middle school branched into two different high schools, which meant saying goodbye to many of the relationships we had made during those three years. The Tortoise won’t have to experience that, since there is only one middle school and one high school where we live. She has been able to maintain relationships since moving to this district five years ago. Many of her classmates have been able to maintain friendships since they started kindergarten, unless someone moved, of course. Which is what happened to me and my best friend from 6th and 7th grade.

There are people in our life that we meet, that once they are gone, we probably don’t give them a second thought. Not the case with this friend. We were inseparable, in fact, my parents might even say co-dependent. Almost every memory from 6th and 7th grade involves her. Ironically, she was also one of my brother-in-law’s first girlfriends.

(Oh how tangled a web we weave, right?)

She and I were devastated when it was announced that her family was moving out-of-state. I remember being extremely depressed when she left, like my heart had broken. We tried to keep in touch for a while, but when you are 12 and 13 years old, without cell phones and internet, it is near impossible. It wouldn’t have mattered even if we had internet, because there was no Facebook or MySpace. None of us had email accounts. We had to rely on snail mail and long-distance phone calls.

Obviously, I made other friends, even another best friend that I am still in touch with now. But she was the first, and like my first kiss, she left a lasting impression. To this day I wonder where she is, and how she is living. I have thought of her often over the years. Does she have children? Does she work? Is she happy? Does she ever think of me?

Maybe someday our paths will cross again – after all, we have internet now.

The center picture is both of us – I’m on the right. These pictures, our middle school yearbook, a book of poetry we wrote together and a couple of cards are all I have left of our friendship.

This post was inspired by the following prompt: 4.) Dig out your high school yearbook and share a message a friend wrote that stands out to you.

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6 thoughts on “I kissed a boy and I liked it

  1. Awwww, I think of my first best friend often too…we split up when we started high school-went to different schools. I’ve seen her once since. ….perhaps your bestie will stumble across this post somehow

  2. First I have to say that i had the same Benetton tee and I treasured it! I had an odd transition to HS. My bestie from grade school had totally stabbed me in the back by the end of 8th grade by hooking up with my ex boyfriend from the year before. Since I was going from private school to parochial, I knew maybe 3 people in the entire 1200 person school and only 1 was in my class. I made amazing friends (ones I mentioned in my previous comment) and they are my support system. I think we all might have been a little co-dependent but that is what HS is, right? Drama filled and leaning on your friends. 🙂

  3. wow, every memory came back so vividly I had to catch my breath. I hope you find her, I hope you catch up, I know you’re both as CUTE as you were back then. Thanks for taking us on your trip down memory road….it was a sweet ride.

    (first kisses, we should write a book about them, for realz!)


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