Excuse me, but is that sex on your face?

Recently I started to purge old or unworn makeup from my cosmetic collection. I’ve decided I’m just too old to wear the sparkly, shimmery, jewel-tones that my teenager is now sporting. Funny how that works. I remember piling on the makeup as a teenager. There was a time that my eyes were bathed in bold blues, passionate purples and grand greens. Thick eyeliner and layers of mascara framed my hazel eyes. Makeup was just another vehicle to try and look older. More mature. Occasionally my girlfriends and I would save up enough money to buy a classy twinset from Talbots. Again, for the sole purpose of trying to be someone other than a high school student. For some reason we thought wearing a matronly sweater set was classy and the kind of thing a college student might wear. You have to remember that it was the late 80’s. We thought multicolored spandex dresses and lace up boots were cool too.

Now I am much more of a minimalist when it comes to makeup. Apparently, the older you get, the less you should wear in order to look younger. Perhaps wearing less makeup reduces the chances of heavy product nesting in my crow’s feet. I am finding it hard though, to find just the right balance of “natural” versus “just woke up”, and I am less confident in making color choices based on the recommendation of a sales girl wearing inches thick of foundation. I want the guidance of a more mature woman. I woman closer to my age that understands morning time constraints and this new-found, almost 40-year-old attitude of “I just don’t’ give a shit”.

So when I received a flyer from Sephora showcasing several new trends focusing on undressed lips and radiant skin, I was ecstatic. The pictures were vibrant in their “less is more” approach for the spring, some suggesting almost a “nude” effect, only better. I fell in love with the looks and headed straight to the store, with The Tortoise in tow. Unfortunately, when I got there, I realized I had left the flyer at home. I tried my best to explain to the sales girl what I was looking for. She nodded vacantly.

“We don’t have copies of those flyers available,” she said, “but perhaps this collection might be close to what you are describing.”

photo courtesy of Amazon.com

She sashayed to a Nars display, a product that I have recently started buying. I love their deep pigment. Immediately, my eyes rested on an image of a woman glowing. Her features stood out on their own, highlighted slightly by earthy tones and natural application. Her eyes and lips were vibrant, not her makeup.

“That is the look I want! It’s perfect!” I said in relief, pointing to the picture featuring a display across the room.

The sales girl smiled in relief, shuffling through her look book to find the exact names of each color and product used on the model, while The Tortoise headed straight to the display case next to the image.

“I found it mom – it’s all right here,” she shouted from across the store, “What you need is this Orgasm.”

I’m not sure I’ll be taking my 13-year-old shopping with me for makeup anymore.

But I must admit, it is now my new favorite color, that, and Sex Appeal.

5 thoughts on “Excuse me, but is that sex on your face?

  1. Ha ha ha! Make-up has such weird names. I’m 16 and don’t wear any myself, and nor does my mum, though my sister wears plenty. I go into the shops and am just too overwhelmed to buy any. Occasionally, for special occasions or dance productions/exams, I’ll wear a little mascara, but I don’t really need it. My eyes are my strongest feature (I have massive caterpillar eyebrows, it’s so annoying).

  2. Hehe, I think one of my favourite compliments was when someone asked me whether I wear makeup … and I had my ‘full slap’ on at the time! I must have done a good job of applying it! Nice name for makeup though, maybe. 🙂

  3. My daughter wanted Orgasm for Christmas, I suspect only so I would have to go into the shop and ask for it. Can’t say I’ve ever noticed her wearing it. Or is that the point?

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