Why My Life is Not Movie Worthy

My life resembles a low brow sitcom most of the time. We have all the necessary elements:

  • two overly dramatic, smart-ass kids
  • a rugged and charming but totally aloof 260 lb husband
  • a petite and extremely smart hot mamma (hey, it’s my sitcom)
  • a spoiled rotten crazy dog.

Every day is a whirlwind of family interactions, escalating until someone accepts responsibility, and ends with a sweet lesson, where everyone is happy, apologizes and kisses each other good night.

OK, so maybe not quite like that – there a few head exploding days where someone goes to bed hungry, crying, pissed off or all of the above.

Events leading up to this moment of my life might make for better cinematic content or a national best seller. Who knows, could people relate to a direct-selling college student who has incredible sales weeks only to realize her biggest makeup order came from a lady of the night and her friends? (They did end up being repeat customers and always paid in cash.)

Plus there has been fair amounts of sex, parties, family drama and ever changing hair colors to compete with most PG-13 movies.

Perhaps there’s more to work with here than I thought.


Memoir can be intimidating for writers. You’re relating actual events, portraying real people, and there are years of material to sift through.

Those years of material can seem overwhelming when looked at as a whole, or they might seem underwhelming.
Have you had a roller-coaster ride, filled with ups and downs that may have left other people screaming in their seats? Perhaps your life has been more of a merry-go-round, the same scenes arising again and again, the shifts less noticeable.

Either way, you have a story to tell, and the way you tell it is what makes it compelling. Distilling your memoir into a 200 word pitch will give you the chance to really focus on what you want to share with your readers about your life story.

This week pretend we have a book contract here just waiting for someone to sign (and we wish we did, believe me!) Pitch your memoir in 200 words or less and come back this Tuesday to link up.

*And just in case you wanted to read something more serious – check out my parenting post about how to pick age appropriate content over at Detroit News Michigan Moms.

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