Joy Ride

The Red Writing Hood assignment this week,  from Write on Edge , was to write about a journey, specifically a road trip. Think about who is in the car. Where are they going and why? What’s on the radio or what are the travelers talking about? In 300 words or less, create a fiction or creative non-fiction piece that lets us feel the wind from an open window or the dry heat of a car vent.

“You said she only had a couple drinks,” shouted Chase over bellowing rock sounds of the B-52’s.

Sarah leaned forward between the seats, still trying to cradle Hannah’s head in her lap.

“I only saw her take a couple shots, I swear!” Sarah snapped.

“She better not puke in my dad’s car or else we’re fucked, ” Garrett grumbled gripping the steering wheel.

His eyes narrowed on the dark road, winding in and out of traffic.

Hannah pushed herself to a sitting position, “It’s so hot in here!”

She reached over Sarah and pushed the button. The window silently slid down. The salty summer air filled the car, as Sarah and Hannah’s hair danced in circles above their heads.

“Turn it up!” exclaimed Hannah,waving her hands in the air, “I LOVE this song!”

The girls sang at the top of their lungs, their arms resting on each others shoulders.

Chase reluctantly obliged, rolling his eyes at Garrett.

“We shouldn’t have agreed to take these drunk chicks home,” Garrett spat at Chase.

“I said sorry already. They seemed fine.”

“I’m not drunk,” barked Sarah.

Hannah stopped singing, and put her head between her knees.

“Pull over!” she moaned loudly.

Garrett pressed harder on the accelerator, passing an exit.

“Dude, what are you doing?” Chase asked.

“Taking their asses home as fast as possible.”

Hannah’s body started to shake.

“You better pull over, ” Sarah exclaimed.

“I’ll stop when we get there!” Garrett yelled.

Suddenly, Hannah clutched the back of the front seats and thrust her head forward. Vomit flew fast, dousing both Garrett and Chase.

“Holy S.H.I.T!” shouted the boys.

Garrett cut across two lanes. The car doors flung open as Garrett and Chase bolted out of the car and stood on the shoulder.

“It’s alright!” shouted Hannah, “I feel much better now.”

12 thoughts on “Joy Ride

  1. Ew. Though I mean that in the best way possible. It sould be a rule every driver learners, perhaps in driver’s training, that when a drunk girl says you need to pull over, you pull over 🙂

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