An Intruder

It was close to bed time when my dad pulled down the dark driveway. We lived in a beautiful historic house on the grounds of the university my dad worked. My brothers and I snuggled in the backseat of the car, our bellies full of pizza. On payday my dad would treat us all to dinner. As our back door came into view, the shadows of two men dressed in dark clothing  caught all of our attention. Unfortunately for these men, they picked the house of the university’s Director of Security. My dad immediately stopped the car and jumped out.

One man quickly jumped over the iron railing of our little porch and ran across our backyard, heading for the alley. The other man panicked and didn’t have the same success. He fell in his haste jumping over the railing and wasn’t able to get away. I’m not sure how badly he was hurt, but I do remember the lights of police cars and an ambulance  flooding the night sky.

I remember being really proud of my dad.

Monday night, the girls and I decided to stop off at Tim Horton’s after swim practice. DW was out of town earlier this week, and I thought it might be a nice treat to have some hot chocolate and donut holes while we cuddled in bed watching an episode of HGTV’s Chopped. The Tortoise and I were slow to get out of the car, giggling and chatting about our day. The Hare ran ahead of us into the house because she needed to go to the bathroom. Seconds later, I was nearly knocked over by The Hare as she ran back out of the house, looking white as a ghost and screaming.

“There’s something in the house! There’s something in the house! It ran right past me towards the front door!”

My heart stopped.

I grabbed both kids and started to shove them back in the car. If there was an intruder in the house, we needed to leave right away and call 911.

“Get in the car and we’ll call 911 as soon as we get out of here.”

The Hare grabbed my arm, crying and shaking.

“911? Do they get rid of mice?”

“Mice?” I asked confused.

“Yeah,whatever it was had a long tail and lots of fur and four little legs.”

I started to laugh in relief.

The Tortoise and I entered the house, flipping on all the lights and let Luna out of the laundry room. She sniffed all over the house while The Tortoise and I followed behind banging a broom on the ground. I used the broom to beat the pillows on the couch and open the closet doors.

“The coast is clear!” I yelled to The Hare, who was still standing in the garage.

Reluctantly, she came inside, running as fast as she could up the stairs to the bedrooms. Everybody got their pajamas on and snuggled in my bed.

“Mom, can I sleep in here with you, with the door closed so the mouse can’t get me?” asked The Hare.

“But mice can fit…” The Tortoise started responding. I quickly cut her off.

“Sure, of course,” I said, giving her an extra squeeze, “That mouse won’t be getting in here.”

I’m not sure who I was trying to convince, her or me.


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