My Bed-Time Routine

The RemembeRed memoir assignment this week,  from Write on Edge, was provided by Galit. She asked us to conjure something. An object, a person, a feeling, a color, a season, whatever we wanted. The catch was that we weren’t supposed to tell what it is, conjure it. In 100 words.

Click, click.

“You already locked them. Twice.” DW states.

“So. I’m locking them again.”

I march through the house checking every lock, nimble fingers pressing doors firmly, securing them against their wooden frames. I turn on all outside lights. My feet move swiftly in and out of each room without reminder.

Blinds are drawn.

Night lights are on.

Children are tucked in. Again.

Standing at the top of the stairs, I look and listen for anything unfamiliar.

“Did you hear that?” I whisper to no one, clutching my cell phone. DW has gone to bed.

I am frozen in the darkness.

9 thoughts on “My Bed-Time Routine

  1. I should be more like this for sure…we have an alarm system and I wait for John to arm the house, the beeping starts, stops and I do feel safe. My Law & Order obsession doesn’t extend to this, so I sleep soundly and trust my hubby to keep us safe (oh nad Fenton the German Shepherd. 😉

  2. This is why I don’t like being the last one to go to sleep, although I often am. It’s too stressful! I remember reading Kate Thompson’s ‘Creature Of The Night’ for the third time and finally realising just how creepy it was, and not being able to walk without looking behind me. For about two weeks, as well. However once I’m in bed I don’t sleep. I text – and when I’m alone in the house I’ll ring someone up to make the monsters stay away – and I read. When I was reading Misery by Stephen King, I stayed up until one just to find out if the guy lived. He HAD to live! I won’t spoil it here, but I think it was worth the tiredness.

  3. I can scare myself walking from the car to the house. Screech owls and coyotes are always out and about. I am almost never afraid when someonelse is in the house. When I am by myself all bets are off and I am a big scaredy cat.

  4. I always, always think things are happening in my house. My neighbors are nutso, and they have a couple of teenagers living there that are very volatile & unpredictable. You did a perfect job capturing that feeling of being on that line between safe and freaking out 🙂

  5. I am the opposite… I’m the girl who forgets to shut the doors, never mind lock them, the girl whose keys are always in the lock when my husband gets home. I almost never look in on my kiddo once he’s asleep.

  6. Ugh. I do this- check everything over and over and over again.

    But I have to ask- did something happen? Are you okay?!

    I’m worried here- so reveal, lady!

    (Also? Fabulous job!)

    1. I am okay, other than the fact that I grew up with a father who works in law-enforcement and I watch WAY TOO MANY Law and Order and CSI shows. I’m just paranoid and have an over active imagination.

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