Savory Saturdays: Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Yes, I know it is Sunday and I am posting “Savory Saturdays”. This is actually a recipe from two week’s ago. It has been a rough 11 days.

That post is a bottle of wine long.

First, let me say how frustrating it is to take the time to prepare a meal for posting, only to realize that every camera in your house has not been charged and you can’t take a picture of anything! I guess I should be thankful that my phone takes pictures. However, I apologize now for the almost unappetizing visual of this incredibly tasty sandwich. (This week’s food preparation was even worse. Not only were the cameras STILL not charged, but I forgot to take pictures before we ate my delicious Creamy Potato Soup and there was not a drop left to photograph afterwards anyway!) I guess I’ll have to make that again this week.

OK – this recipe came about because I am trying my hardest to eat more healthy. Unfortunately, there are some things that I still crave. One craving is for a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from Chili’s restaurant. Of course, it is fried, covered in a creamy Ranch and Buffalo sauce and served on a high carb bun. ( I actually prefer this sandwich with Blue Cheese dressing.) I was very excited to find this recipe at All Recipes, making just a few tiny adjustments.

I almost think the left-overs taste better too!

You are never too old to eat on divided plates.

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
Serves: 6

4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves (I used about 2.5lbs of chicken)
1 (17.5 fluid once) bottle buffalo wing sauce, divided
1/2 (1 ounce) package dry ranch salad dressing mix
2 Tablespoons butter (I omitted this ingredient)
6 hoagie rolls, split lengthwise (I used Aunt Millie’s Whole Wheat Slimwiches)
Crumbled Blue Cheese

  1. Place the chicken breasts into a slow cooker, and pour in 3/4 of the wing sauce and the ranch dressing mix.
  2. Cover, and cook on Low for 6 to 7 hours.
  3. Once the chicken has cooked, remove from crockpot and put in a shallow dish. Add butter and remaining buffalo wing sauce. Shred the meat finely, mixing it evenly with the butter and sauce.
  4. Pile the meat on the hoagie rolls.

*Since Blue Cheese salad dressing is very high in calories, I mixed Crumbled Blue Cheese with my meat before piling it on my bun. And instead of potato chips or French Fries, my sides were celery and carrot sticks with Light Ranch Salad Dressing.

3 thoughts on “Savory Saturdays: Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

  1. I’m going to try this! I love buffalo chicken anything, and this doesn’t look too unhealthy!

    Of course, DH doesn’t like the smell of buffalo sauce cooking (something about the vinegar,) so this will hurt his nose, but the result looks worth it. (He likes to eat it, just not smell it. So crazy, right?)

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