Apparently I Still Don’t Know Better

My mom has given me lots of useful advice over the years in regards to keeping a healthy marriage. I value her opinion greatly, especially since my parents still court each other after 39 years. Some of my most favorite include: Drinking wine helps you be more amorous even when you are tired Always let … Continue reading Apparently I Still Don’t Know Better

Bathroom Breaks and Mommy Hiding Places

The RemembeRed memoir assignment this week,  from Write on Edge, was a little different. This week we were asked, in 500 words or less, to describe the opening scene of a film. The film made from our best-selling memoir. What does the camera see? Who speaks the first lines of our story? Is there music? … Continue reading Bathroom Breaks and Mommy Hiding Places

Clean House, Clean Conscience

I feel for all those bloggers that have to utilize their nights and weekends writing. Life is too distracting when my family is home to be very creative, especially since my desk is right in the middle of the chaos. During the school week, my ability to gaze out my front windows, absorbing the sunlight … Continue reading Clean House, Clean Conscience

Not For the Faint of Heart, Apply at Your Own Risk

38-year-old wife and mother seeking an assistant wife. Duties include, but not limited to: bill paying, transportation services, catering, laundry services, home organization, educational assistance, housekeeping, and party planning. Must not value personal space or have strong attachments to personal items. Must be prepared to share clothes with a teenager, with the knowledge that borrowed … Continue reading Not For the Faint of Heart, Apply at Your Own Risk

Fresh Paint and Heartache

I can't smell fresh paint anymore. Three and a half years ago this room was transformed from builder's white to a calm, serene sea of green. She was only ten then, and this was her first "big girl" room, with no frilly flowers on the bedspread or baby pink curtains. We placed inspiration on the … Continue reading Fresh Paint and Heartache