The Kitchen is Closed

One of the things I love about summer is our relaxed meal schedule.

One of the things I least like about summer is our relaxed meal schedule.

During the school year, the schedules are so tight, having a meal plan and a set dinner time is imperative. Most of you know I am a bit neurotic when it comes to meal planning. (I keep a weekly calendar posted on the side of my fridge so the kids know ahead of time what to complain about.)  And, since I don’t get to see them all day, the only time I can connect with them is over a meal. Dinner time is family time.

Summer is less scheduled, well, at least meals are less scheduled. We graze, gnosh, nibble and snack most of the day. So much so, that by dinner, the kids and I aren’t very hungry. Usually, that means we eat later. Occasionally, that means we have dessert for dinner. And to be totally honest, after being with them all day, I really don’t mind having dinner without them on the back deck, while having a glass of wine, over an adult conversation with DW. Plus, they think it is a real treat to pull out TV trays. However, not having a meal plan has meant not making a grocery list. No grocery list means no grocery shopping, which has left my pantry and fridge quite bare, necessitating eating out more often.

So instead of buying food, I’ve been buying bigger pants.

It’s probably a good thing that school starts soon. We have become a little too relaxed in the evenings. The kitchen will be officially reopened after Labor Day, the cookbooks will be dusted off and my oven will be used for more than roasting marshmallows in the broiler.

Although, I might miss having dessert for dinner.


5 thoughts on “The Kitchen is Closed

  1. I know what you mean. Summer makes me lazy. Once the cool weather comes, I will busy myself making soups and chili and crockpot meals. Hope I will also go back to four days a week at the gym instead of my two or three.

  2. I’m with you! I try to meal plan in the summer but it never quite works as well as I would like. And my problem is that I make way too many trips to the store, instead of one organized trip, which is BAD for my budget! I’m looking forward to getting back onto a schedule!

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