Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

I do not have blogging burnout – we’ve been on vacation this week visiting my parents in Virginia Beach. The weather has been perfect, great beach days, family movie nights and lots of tasty food. We have been taking full advantage of every minute of the days, until we fall exhausted into bed, sun-kissed and sleepy.

Vacation is usually about taking a break from the everyday, escaping chores and daily chaos. It’s for rejuvenating the spirit and refreshing the soul. But for us, vacation is also about building relationships and maintaining a sense of belonging.

It’s about teaching our children the importance of family.

As soon as Thanksgiving is over I start counting down the days until summer. Usually I get to see my mom about four times a year, almost once a season. Three of those 4 times she comes to see us. I get to be the hostess, show her how much we appreciate her, while she gets a glimpse of what kind of wife and mother I turned out to be.

Unfortunately, since my dad is not retired, I only get to see him twice a year. Once at Thanksgiving for a few days and when we come to visit him during the summer. He takes a full week of his paid vacation so that he doesn’t miss a single morning or afternoon beach retreat with his grand-daughters. He builds sand castles and boogie boards. He makes his special chocolate milk and ice cream sundaes. He also gets to be our tour guide, showing off the tourist attractions and fine dining. But most of all, he gets to build a relationship with his grandchildren that would otherwise be lost since we live so many states away. My dad is a wonderful grandfather. He is patient and generous with his affection. He isn’t afraid to be silly, or tire of hearing the same joke for the 100th time or shy away from getting on the floor to play.

My daughters love him almost as much as I do.

So while we are unpacking our suitcases, and washing loads of sand and sea filled garments, I will be counting down the days until Thanksgiving.


5 thoughts on “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

  1. Sounds perfect. Just read your mom’s version too. We just finished a similiar vacation, but it may be our last group one. So nice that you make the time to be there to build relationships with your kids and your parents. In many ways it’s a sacrifice, but also a blessing.

  2. This is so lovely! Your love and commitment to your family is inspiring and shines right through! I’m so happy that you had a rejuvenating break!

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