Stuck at the Airport

I want to be witty and fun today but unfortunately internet access at the airport cost money, so I am posting on my phone. The phone is already paid for. Thank goodness for free internet at our hotel, but considering I will be at a bachelorette party tonight, don't hold your breath for a decent … Continue reading Stuck at the Airport

All Good Things Must Come to an End

I have spent ten Christmas drives from Michigan to Texas planning where to eat. Twenty-five hours is a long time to fantasize about food. Only getting to eat perfectly seasoned white meat at  Chick-Fil-A, creamy bean and cheese tacos at  Taco Cabana, or the most moist smoked brisket at  Rudy's once a year is torture. … Continue reading All Good Things Must Come to an End


This week's Red Writing Hood writing prompt was to write only a 400 word post using the following picture for inspiration. Usually I focus on non-fiction writing, but this week I thought I would try something different and write  fiction. It took me forever to figure out where I wanted to start, so of course, … Continue reading Undeveloped

Hopped Up On Salt & Vinegar

Never, never, and I mean never, try to blog when you are on hormonal overload. I was in a complete funk yesterday, weepy & strung out. I felt like I was going through some sort of withdrawal, so I did what any addict would do. I consumed almost an entire bag of salt & vinegar … Continue reading Hopped Up On Salt & Vinegar

Expose Yourself More

I rely heavily on first impressions. I'm referring to my own first impressions. For the most part I like everybody as soon as I meet them, until they prove themselves high maintenance, untrustworthy, lacking compassion or just simply a pain in the ass. Religion, politics, social demographics, culture and partner preferences really don't matter to … Continue reading Expose Yourself More