The Potty Dance

This week’s memoir writing prompt by The Red Dress Club, was hosted by Jennifer of Whispatory. She asked us to write a memoir based on a memory of a school trip we took.

Stupid Sister Anna Rose.

I told her I needed to go to the bathroom like a million times.

She didn’t listen. She just kept telling me I had to stay with the group.

Then she told me I should of gone after we ate lunch. I didn’t have to go then.

I guess I shouldn’t have drunk that second juice box. But Jimbo gave it to me. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

My mom always packs the best lunches, peanut butter with apple butter. And no crusts. And homemade chocolate chip cookies. I hope she doesn’t know I ate those first. She’d be mad.

There was totally another bathroom near the Elephants and one by the Giraffe’s too. I saw it with my own two eyes! We could of stopped at either of those, especially since she let mean old Marcus buy a wax elephant. He even got to buy Cotton Candy! So not fair.

The wax Elephant was a little cool. It was still warm when it came out of the machine. And smelled like a candle. I wish my mom let me take money. She never gives me money.

I wish my mom came. She could of come be a chaperone instead of watching my little brother. Maybe next time.

I bet my mom would of let me go to the bathroom.

Why oh why did it have to start raining! I really did try to hold it forever, but nosy Marylou kept asking me why I was walking with my legs crossed. She is so embarrassing! It rained like crazy and everybody ran for the bus. I just couldn’t hold it anymore.

I felt it down my leg.

It’s really warm.

And I’m really cold.

Maybe nobody will notice my pants are wet since I stood in the rain on purpose.

Oh, don’t sit with me, don’t sit with me.

I smell like pee-pee.

And sweat.

I smell like sweaty pee-pee.

I smell like mean old Marcus. Gross!

Thank goodness this stupid field trip is over.

If only stupid Sister Anna Rose had listened to me in the first place.

It’s all her fault.

I hope we never go to the zoo again.

4 thoughts on “The Potty Dance

  1. I enjoyed the post also. It reminded me of a time in middle school…we called it junior high school. I was too shy to use the bathroom at school. Others were there, listening, and also, if you were tall, you could look over the top of the stall door and look in. It made me very uncomfortable. So, I wouldn’t even go to the bathroom all day. And once, I was walking home from school and couldn’t wait any longer and peed my pants. Funny what we remember from our childhood.

  2. Sister Anna Rose is not someone I’m too fond of right now. She expectd way too much of a little girl. I like that you told the story from a viewpoint of a child. Good story telling.

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