If Only I Got Paid to Look Good

We joined Life Time Fitness this week. Partly because it is literally 4 minutes from The Hare’s gym, and partly because my 20th high school reunion is in October. I’m freaking out a bit. The big selling point was finding out that age 13 is considered an “adult” and The Tortoise can take classes with me, as well as use the machines and weights. She was pretty excited about that since she has set some fitness goals for herself this summer.

The Tortoise and I had an appointment yesterday with one of the head Personal Trainers to get a complimentary body health assessment and talk about our personal goals.

“I wonder what they’ll look like, ” said The Tortoise.

“Probably someone super young and looks like they should be on the cover of Shape Magazine or something.”

We scanned the floor waiting.

“Well, you were right,” chuckled The Tortoise as we were approached by our Personal Trainer.

My eyes locked with theirs. I couldn’t help but notice how firm their butt and thighs were, and those chiseled arms and shoulders were just breathtaking. I was crushing just a bit.

She was amazing.

And only 7 years younger than I am.

And only an inch taller.

I felt even older and more out of shape.

Our health assessment took about an hour. It was determined that my daughter has much more flexibility than I do, but I have more upper body strength. We both have a fair amount of weight to lose. Overall, we are average.

But I don’t want to be average. I want to be amazing, and svelte, and a petite supermodel. My daughter wants to be able to not tire out so easily while swimming laps and feel better in her clothes. We need a plan. We need support. We need to work with a nutritionist and have an accountability partner. We need a Personal Trainer.

“I’m sorry, ” I gulped, “How much did you say that would cost?”

I had been staring blindly into her face, absorbing her incredibly aggressive plan of action for us, a strong mix of  strength training and light cardio, assuring us that with her help we could quickly reach our weight loss and health goals.

“About $300-$400 a month,” she said again.

Visions of string bikinis melted into thoughts of gauzy beach cover-ups. Having a gym membership is already a luxury for our family. Adding personal training is just not an option at that price tag. And if I had felt that crushing blow, then how was The Tortoise feeling?

We wrapped up our session with an agreement that we would go ahead and use our complimentary personal training session in two weeks before we make any final decisions. The Tortoise and I got on ellipticals for a few minutes.

“So what do you think?” I asked cautiously.

“I think we have a lot of work to do,” said The Tortoise pumping her arms and legs gracefully.

“Are you worried we might struggle to reach our goals if we don’t have a personal trainer pushing us?”

“Naw, ” she said, “because we have each other.”

Some of my anxiety dissipated. If only I had some of her optimism.

“Besides, ” The Tortoise added with a smile, ” she gets paid to look like that.”

13 thoughts on “If Only I Got Paid to Look Good

  1. I understand how traumatic reunions can be. If you want to improve your body and looks, do it for YOU and not to impress someone who intimidated you 20 years ago and who you don’t ever see and could really care less! LOL And your daughter is very cool! You two will have a great time and be able to encourage each other and enjoy your together time while doing it. Have fun!

  2. Ok, first off – I love your daughter. That was awesome.

    Second, I belong to my Life Time Fitness here and I absolute LOVE it.

    Of course, it means childcare and a hot shower to me, so I have added incentive to go.

    I did not pay a cent for personal training and I used the gym to lose weight after both babies.

    All I did were group fitness classes. 4-7 times a week (during the big “losing weight” phase I worked out every day). The key is to use it regularly and hit the different parts of your body with various classes. If you really want to see a difference, I say 4 times a week, one hour class, will help you see results, especially since you eat a heck of a lot healthier than I do.

    Make sure at least one class is “fun” – something you love. Yoga, Zumba, whatever your thing is.

    They classes have various levels, so when one gets easy, be sure to move up to challenge yourself. DO NOT taking total conditioning for a while.

    Make sure you do a strength class (at my gym the beginner ones have “foundations” in name, then move up to strictly strength) once a week. Twice is better. But do it EVERY week. This will tone you in ways that are awesome and will force you to work out harder than on your own.

    Zumba is a fabulous cardio class. The teachers vary in styles, so find one you like.

    Yoga and pilates are great for toning – the latter especially for your core (which post baby, was so very very sad and needed work).

    Swimming is great alternative to fit in, and they have aqua classes too if you have any joint issues.

    No matter what, set your days you go and GO. After three weeks, you won’t want to skip, because you’ll have started to feel better on days you work out compared to days you don’t.

    If you have any questions, email me, but I’m so excited for you.

    Joining my gym made me a happier, better mother. I have more energy and I feel better about myself.

    And I get a hot shower.

    I will help hold you accountable too. 🙂

  3. so, my answer to the reunion issues was JUST DON’T GO!
    I was going through a seperation when it came time for my 10 year reunion. I had no interest in going and having to explain myself to people I didn’t even like! The people I loved in highschool are still my friends now and I see them on a weekly basis! Plus it was my besties little girl’s 1st birthday. I wasn’t missing that for the world!

    Good luck with the working out. I am gonna go eat a donut!

  4. What a smart daughter you have! Must take after her grandmother. Just continue to be countability partners for each other, and I know you will reach your goals!

  5. Definitely easier to push yourself with a buddy! I’ve heard that personal trainers do help a lot,but I’m with you on the not-willing-to-spend-that-kind-of-money thing!
    good luck with your plans 🙂

  6. The personal trainers at Lifetime are able to charge really high rates because they’re at Lifetime.
    I found my personal trainer at the Washtenaw Rec Center and it’s a lot less than that – about $300 for 15 sessions. We meet once or twice a week for strength training and I do cardio on my own. You could also look into only checking in with the trainer every other week do go over your progress. Most should be flexible.

  7. So cute!! Fun for you and your daughter to do together too! You know, you two could come to my class together too!! I have lots of Mom/daughter teams. It’s so cute to watch them shake it and laugh together. BCE lets my Mom/daughter teams share a punch card, only $5 a class with the punch card. Just sayin’……

    1. You are so sweet Joanie! We needed to do something during the day, our evening ability is scarce. I’m sure their Zumba class won’t hold a candle to yours either!

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