Sister Friends

Hourglass --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

“Are you kidding me?!” I said loudly, shoving unwanted papers into a recycling pile. “Seriously, this is due Friday?”

“Yes, ma’am, ” said The Hare quietly, “I’m sorry I forgot.”

“Yeah, me too, because you don’t have until Friday. You have until Wednesday night because I’m leaving Thursday afternoon.”

But that’s in like two days! I’ll never get enough crafts to sell for our market day project in two days!”

“Then I guess you’ll miss something, ” I said struggling not to yell. It was already 9:30pm, DW is away on business this week, and there were a million things still not checked off my to-do list.

“BUT…BUT MOM!” The Hare exclaimed, “Tomorrow is the last practice I’ll ever have with my coach and then the next night is our gymnastics banquet.”

It’s been an emotional few weeks at our gym. One of our coaches is leaving. We are going to miss him immensely and can already feel the huge hole that will be created by his absence.  This week is The Hare’s last couple of days with him, and I could see the devastation on her face at the thought of missing any opportunity to say one last goodbye.

“Go take your shower and let me think about what to do about this situation.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

This “situation” was a pretend market day for the third grade classes. They have created a pretend society, held mock elections, interviewed for jobs and created their own currency. On Friday, each student is supposed to bring in projects that are handmade and “sell” them. Students will purchase these items with the pretend currency of their society.

The Hare forgot to give me the assignment sheet last week. She also insists that she needs enough items for all 100 kids. And apparently I’m supposed to make this happen in two days, with a maximum budget of $10, and still manage to get packed successfully for a wedding weekend and have things organized for DW while I am gone. Did I mention that I’m not supposed to be drinking alcohol for still another 4 weeks?

The Tortoise had heard the whole conversation.

“I’ll take care of this, ” she said exiting the room.

My head was spinning, wracking my brain for any idea that I could create while she was at school. Some suggestions from the teacher were bookmarks, key chains, and jewelry. One of The Hare’s friends was making wallets completely out of duct tape (I’d actually like to see that one). The Hare had no idea and kept throwing out suggestions that were either too costly or way too time consuming.

A few minutes later The Tortoise and The Hare came back downstairs. The Hare was freshly showered and looked much more relaxed.

“Sissy came up with a plan Mom, ” The Hare said, “so you don’t have to worry.”

“Yeah – I’m going to make Cootie Catchers and have my friends help me at school during art and our home room, ” added The Tortoise, “We’re practically done with everything since school is out in a week.”

“What’s a Cootie Catcher?” my tired old brain was having trouble keeping up.

“You know Mom!” said the girls, “Those little paper fortune things.”

Ah, yes. I remember making them in middle school with my girlfriends:

  • Pick a color – B L U E
  • Now pick a number – One, Two, Three
  • Your fortune is – There is a big margarita in your near future

“OK – but make sure your fortunes are third grade appropriate.”

The Hare threw her arms around her big sister, squeezed tight.

“Thanks,” she said, “You’re the best sister ever!”

7 thoughts on “Sister Friends

  1. Oh, I love wallets out of duct tape! I love that stuff. Actually, yesterday I made a notebook with a cover made of duct tape, pages of ordinary paper and held together with thread. Brilliant … I love it! And when it runs out, I can just make a new one.

    It’s so sweet that your daughters help each other. I remember in around year five my friend was panicking because she didn’t have a mother’s day present for her mum – so I made a little basket for her and filled it with HAMA bead flowers. She was so grateful! I said she could say it was from her, but she insisted on telling her mum that I made it. I remember her mum’s thankyou card – “Eleanor’s concern and your kindness were the best mother’s day present I could have had.” It’s worth it in the end.

  2. Phew!! I say let them run with it! Kids are oddly creative in that way. So it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Don’t worry, at least you’ll have Friday’s blog post taken care of…that’s right, I gotcha covered!

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