This post is inspired by the  Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s topic is Red.

I’m not a photographer. Although, I think I have a really cool camera, a Nikon D5000, that allows me to take some great pictures in spite of myself. Because of my novice photography skills, I have never participated in the weekly photo challenge and am awed by the talent of others. But today, I was inspired by something other than pictures. The mere topic of Red intrigues me. It’s a color that has followed me for years, creeping in and out of the corners of my life.

A set of four red wooden kitchen chairs reside around my kitchen table. These chairs were bought for my first apartment sixteen years ago. There is a red fabric reclining chair, with embroidered dragonflies, in the corner of our family room. That was one of the first purchases DW and I made together ten years ago. There are red accents all over my house, candles, lamp shades, painted vases and art. Red makes me feel happy. It generates a feeling of comfort and belonging. Red inspires success. I think of the red Grand Am I earned as a sales director with Mary Kay and the synthetic red blazer I wore to sign my paperwork when I picked it up. Red makes me think of watermelons, strawberries and summer. I can picture my mom’s Irish Setter red hair when she was a young mom and love the strawberry blond it has turned today. The last articles of clothing my grandfather bought my children were a red corduroy dress for The Hare and a red hooded jacket for The Tortoise.

The first thing DW did for me when we moved into this house was paint the front door red.

Red is lip gloss and nail polish. It’s hot and spicy like cinnamon Red Hots and Hot Tamales. Red is sharing a pizza with friends or sipping my favorite wine on our back deck. It’s tiny signs of spring begging to come out even though we haven’t had any sun for days. Red is hiding in our yard, waiting for the rain to stop and for the temperature to finally be above 50 degrees.

Still waiting for enough sun to plant flowers

It is the color of my cheeks every time I step outside in the morning, the hives on my arms when I eat too much bread and the flush of my face when I am embarrassed for not having anything important to say.

Spirea in our front flower bed.
My favorite tree is finally blooming

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