This is a writing prompt from the website: The Red Dress Club

Aaah…jealousy. We all have it. We all feel it.

And now we’d like you to write about it. We’ll leave it open: you can write about something or someone you envy, or a time when your jealousy got you in trouble, or maybe how it makes you feel to be envious. Whatever you want.

And it can be fiction or non-fiction. Word limit is 600.

The space between words had grown larger than was comfortable, but there just wasn’t anything left to say.

“So you really don’t mind that I’m going to this party without you?” Emma asked in a whisper.

“I wasn’t invited, remember?” snapped Hannah.

It was no secret that Hannah’s ex-boyfriend got an invite. After all, his eye had been on the hostess for months. The feelings were obviously mutual, which would explain why he broke Hannah’s heart so quickly. She didn’t know which was worse though, the fact that half her sophomore class got invited or that her best friend was still going without her.

“Okay, well, I’ll call you tomorrow then.”

“Yeah, whatever. Have fun, I guess.”


Sounds of the Cure trickled out speakers of a purple boom-box. Hannah grasped the phone again, dialing the number of her Godmother’s nephew. They had gone out a few times, but he was two years older and went to a different school. He was cute and athletic, but very arrogant.

The phone rang.

He’s probably not home anyway.


Hannah’s voice gave away to tears as she unloaded her story to Jake. He took a deep breath on the other end, she was sure he was going to just hang-up now.

“This is easy,” he laughed instead, “I’ll pick you up and we’ll go to that stupid party.”

“I can’t do that! It’s a birthday party that I wasn’t invited too, remember?”

“That’s what makes it so fun!”

Jake was standing at her door in 30 minutes, looking like a Gap model and smelling rich of Polo cologne. His pearly whites complimented the already bronzed skin from all his hours on the soccer field.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I brought one of my team-mates with me. Just wait till they see you walk in with TWO guys!” he smiled.

Hannah shook her head, turned to shut the door, and then remembered the most important part, a gift. She ran back to her room and rummaged through her jewelry chest.

I know it has to be here somewhere. There…there it is. 

Hannah gave one last look at the sterling heart necklace, slightly tarnished,  that her ex-boyfriend had given her. She quickly wrapped it in her mom’s stash of recycled bags and tissue paper.

It was only a 15 minute car ride. Hannah’s stomach was in knots.

She stood silently in front of the house. It was a warm night. Windows were wide open letting the warm southern air mingle with the guests. Sounds of laughter echoed down the sidewalk.

“I can’t do this,” she stumbled.

“Then we will!” said the boys.

Before Hannah could stop them, Jake had already rung the doorbell. As the hostess opened the door, Jake reached for Hannah’s hand and squeezed it tightly.

Suddenly Hannah and the hostess were staring at each other in disbelief. Hannah, Jake and the friend walked into the foyer uninvited. Voices faded under the sounds of movies and music. Their presence had been announced.

“I can’t stay,” said Hannah, “I just wanted to give you your birthday present.”

She handed the little gift bag to the hostess, smiled and turned for the door. Her eye caught the look of her ex-boyfriend; her best friend was standing right behind him. Emma grinned and waved while the ex started to walk towards Hannah.

“Well,” Hannah said, still clutching Jake’s hand, “Guess I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”

Jake’s friend grabbed a handful of snacks, looked at the hostess, then at the ex-boyfriend.

“Cute party,” he said and shut the door.

11 thoughts on “Uninvited

  1. Won’t THAT be the talk of the school the following Monday? What an accurate portrayal of high school, including the fickle nature of relationships!

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